Mantic Messages was written for ORGANIC MUSIC — The Experimental Library#3 : Cafe OTO : 29/6/2018 —
in response to the life and work of Moki Cherry and Don Cherry —
Performed by Sarah Beck Mather and Keira Greene
Pigment, honey and clay body paint by Make-up artist Crystabel Riley
Images taken at Cafe OTO © Felix Belfield

Mantic Messages was written in part at Ecoaldeia de Janas, Portugal, in search of an organic way* of writing, this process was framed by a 5-hour drive each way; listening only to the Organic Music Society — Pond image from a series taken at Ecoaldeia de Janas.

*"there must be a fourth way to flow with time, this is the organic way” — Don Cherry — from the album — Organic Music Society